Mulberry Coach is . . .

In the 80s and 90s, J. Morris played keyboards for D.C.-area bands No Excuses and the Grim Bunnies, which featured his original songs along with Motown hits. Trained and housebroken in piano and music theory, J. arranges and plays all the instruments on the albums except the really hard guitar parts and the string parts and oh yes the sax solo. He produces and mixes all the tracks too. J. is also a poet and writer of stories, which have appeared in many literary magazines in the U.S. and Great Britain and in 2016 were collected as When I Snap My Fingers You Will Remember Everything, from No Record Press.

Katie Fisher’s haunting voice defines the Mulberry Coach sound. She is self-taught, picking up melodies from the air and lyrics from the collective unconscious, or somewhere. Her percussion parts add fire to the sometimes mad rhythms that the Coach generates.

Charles Kinbote was born in Onhava, Zembla, and came to the United States in the wake of Zembla’s “Shadow Revolution.” He taught at Wordsmith College, where he edited and provided a commentary for the celebrated posthumous edition of John Shade’s final poem, Pale Fire. Forced to leave Wordsmith under a cloud of accusations, Charles “the Beloved” (as he is widely known) traveled his adopted country and finally settled in the Washington, D.C., area, where he began a new career as drummer par excellence. “The Great Beaver” (another affectionate nickname) attributes his percussive skills to having mastered “double ping-pong” at a young age. Charles Kinbote joined Mulberry Coach in 2007.